Primary Teachers

This website provides information and activities that will help you to deliver the requirements for Personal Development and Mutual Understanding. It will help you to enable your pupils to:

  • play an active and meaningful part in the life of the community; and
  • be concerned about the wider environment.

The website also helps pupils to explore the Change Over Time strand in the Area of Learning, The World Around Us.

The activities and information on the website also give you an opportunity to help develop your pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills.

Themed Posters - How politics affects...

Themed posters that can be used in the class room to show how politics affect different areas of everyday life.

Activities & Teacher Notes

The table below shows how the activities on the website can contribute to meeting the requirements of the curriculum.

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Subject Activity


Who Are Your MLAs?

How a Law is Made

The Assembly Story

Inside Parliament Buildings

How do we elect MLAs?

Personal Development & Mutual Understanding                
The World Around Us: History    



The World Around Us: Geography


The Arts: Art and Design  


The Arts: Drama      

Language and Literacy    


Mathematics and Numeracy