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This website is aimed at pupils from Key Stage 2 to Post 16. The activities and information on the website help pupils to understand:

  • how Northern Ireland is governed;
  • what the Assembly does;
  • how it makes decisions; and
  • how young people can get involved.

The website supports the objectives of the Northern Ireland Curriculum by aiming to develop pupils as contributors to society. The context of the Northern Ireland Assembly allows pupils to explore key elements of the curriculum, for example Local and Global Citizenship, Employability, Mutual Understanding, Media Awareness and Economic Awareness.

We have created a set of teaching notes for each online activity. These will help you to build the website content into your lesson plans and schemes of work. These notes suggest Starter and Follow-Up activities that are mapped to the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. They also highlight opportunities to develop Cross-Curricular Skills and/or Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

We’d love you to tell us how you have used the website in your classroom using our feedback form.

The links below provide further information about how the activities on the website map to the curriculum.

Teacher Training in your school

The Education Service now offers a ‘Teacher Training in Schools’ programme for all primary and post primary schools in Northern Ireland.