Education Service Newsletter – May 2024

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Fri, 31/05/2024
Taking your students to Parliament Buildings during the next academic year? 

From September, the Assembly Education Service plans to book groups on set days in order to ensure that your students get the most suitable education programme. 

Mondays and Tuesday           A Level/GCSE Government and Politics

Wed, Thursday and Friday    Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 & 4 

Look out for our information letter posted to schools in September. 

New animation for Key Stage 3
Screenshot of animation - The Budget for Northern Ireland

Take a look at our new animation The Budget for Northern Ireland 

Northern Ireland Youth Assembly

Members of the Youth Assembly recently shared their views on the Smoking and Vapes Bill with Members of the Health Committee. Sign up to the Youth Assembly newsletter to receive all the latest news and updates. 

General Election 2024 

Northern Ireland is set to head to the polls following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a UK Parliament general election on Thursday 4 July. 

The Electoral Commission has a range of excellent digital and printable resources you can use to explain how general elections work and how to get involved in democracy.