Alternative placement for Stanmillis Students

Posted on
Tue, 07/02/2023

BEd (Hons) Education Students from Stranmillis University join Education Service on placement

The Education Service hosted final year Stranmillis students, Anna, Clare, Paul and Rachel, on a two-week alternative placement programme in January.

This placement opportunity allows the students to explore a broader career outlook outside of the traditional classroom.

During their time with us, the students observed and assisted us with the Education Programme for schools and they had meetings with the Speaker and the Clerk/Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Assembly.  The students also got to meet staff from other Assembly business areas and this gave them the opportunity to hear more about different job roles.

In their final week, the students completed a microteaching task.  They each delivered a short session to the Education Service team and displayed their excellent skills and understanding of an Assembly related topic. Anna looked at numeracy skills in relation to the budget and election results, Clare delivered a session about Northern Ireland and World War 2, Rachel explored the Climate Change Act in relation to the World Around Us and Paul looked at ways to encourage pupils to do their own research and produce fun reports.

We enjoyed hosting these amazing students and we wish them well with all that lies ahead.

Stranmillis students Anna, Claire, Rachel and Paul standing on the the staircase in the Great Hall, Parliament Buildings.