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The Youth Assembly for Northern Ireland - Help Shape Your Future

The Assembly Commission has announced its support for the development of a Youth Assembly for Northern Ireland.

The Youth Assembly is a platform designed to give young people the chance to have their voices heard. The Assembly makes laws that affect all of us, and young people will grow up with the laws and policies that are put in place today. Therefore, young people should have a say on how that is done. The Youth Assembly presents the means not only to shape legislation and discuss the issues that matter to young people, but also offers a mechanism to affect change. 

Although many of the finer details need to be ironed out, it is anticipated that, like the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Youth Assembly will have 90 members from across Northern Ireland. It will hold committee meetings to address specific issues, sessions will be presided over by the Speaker, and debates will take place with the Assembly Chamber of Parliament Buildings. The core age range of members will be 13 - 17 years old, but an upper limit of 21 will be applied to ensure diverse representation.

But beyond that? That's up to you! Young people will be the driving force behind the Youth Assembly's development and operation. If you want to get involved, or for further information, please click here to sign up for our mailing list. We'll be in touch to seek your views on what you want from a Youth Assembly very soon, so don't miss out!