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Race to Stormont 2016

The big day is this Thursday 5 May. Voters across Northern Ireland will choose 108 MLAs to form the next Assembly. MLAs have a big impact on our lives, making laws about education, health, environment, agriculture, the economy and lots more.

Our new Race to Stormont election resource - http://education.niassembly.gov.uk/racetostormont - produced in partnership with the multimedia and curriculum teams at CCEA - will help your students answer these questions:

  • What does the Assembly do and why does the election matter?
  • How do Assembly elections work?
  • What happens after the election? How are Ministers appointed to the ‘Executive’ (the Northern Ireland Government) and what does it do?

Committee Chairs talk about issues being considered by the Assembly. Teachers’ notes include extension activities which take a more in-depth look at the issues of mental health; social media and cyber-bullying; and the knowledge economy and its implications for career opportunities.

A 2-minute campaign animation tells you all you need to know about what happens during the 6 week period before an election. There is also an explanation of how we vote on Election Day and how the Assembly uses a maths equation, called ‘d’Hondt’, to decide who will govern us for the next 5 years.

So, whether you are a teacher or a student, use this new resource to find out all about this important election.

For more information about the election go to aboutmyvote.co.uk.