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New iBook - Guide to the NIA

Are you studying AS Government and Politics Northern Ireland Module or just want to learn a bit more about how the Northern Ireland Assembly works? Then read our new iBook, available today!

This ‘Guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly’ will give you an interactive insight into the history and work of the Assembly, with videos and graphics used to illustrate the content.

The Evolution of Devolution Timeline charts the events leading up to partition, the life of the Northern Ireland Parliament, the ‘troubles’, the search for a solution which led to the 1998 Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and post 1998 developments.

There are further Chapters on MLAs, Parties and Constituencies; the work of the Assembly; the relationship between the Assembly and the Executive; and Levels for Government for Northern Ireland. A virtual tour, ‘Inside Parliament Buildings’, is also included.

The Education Service is already working on a second version of the resource and would appreciate your feedback. Please send comments to education.service@niassembly.gov.uk.

A PDF version, with links to interactive activities/videos available online can be downloaded here.

An ebook version will also soon be available.

To download the iBook from the Apple store click on the link:

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