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This website provides information and activities that will help you to deliver the key concepts of Democracy and Active Participation in the Local and Global Citizenship strand of Learning for Life and Work.

The Northern Ireland Assembly provides a useful context for exploring key elements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Themed Posters - How politics affects...

Themed posters that can be used in the class room to show how politics affect different areas of everyday life.


Activities & Teacher Notes

The table below shows how the activities on the website can contribute to meeting the requirements of the curriculum.

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Who Are Your MLAs?

Who Decides What?

Why do we have the Assembly?

Inside Parliament Buildings

Making a Law

How do we elect MLAs?

Spending Wisely

MLA for a Week

Environment and Society: History


Teacher Notes







Learning for Life and Work: Local and Global Citizenship






Language and Literacy: English








Learning for Life and Work: Education for Employability









Mathematics and Numeracy: Mathematics (with Financial Capability)