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Students act to save our seas

Students act to save our Seas

Students from schools in Northern Ireland made history last week (24 May 2012), when they appeared before the Environment Committee to give their views on the Marine Bill.

The Marine Bill is a proposal for a new law to protect the seas around our coast.  It was introduced to the Assembly by the Environment Minister, Alex Attwood MLA, and the Assembly must pass it before it can become law.

Olympic Torch comes to Stormont

The Olympic Torch relay began on Saturday 19th May at Land’s End, Cornwall and finishes at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London on Friday 27th July.

The flame arrives in Belfast on Saturday 2nd June, with relay runners carrying it through more than 60 towns and villages as well as visiting a number of beauty spots over five days.

Assembly gets creative

Creative Industries are just that – creative. Think architecture, advertising, art, antiques, crafts, fashion and design, video, film, photography, music, performing arts, radio, TV, software development, and computer games/design. From scriptwriters and jewellery designers, to software developers and architects, it is estimated that the Creative Industries in Northern Ireland employ around 31,000 people. Maximising the potential of these industries and how they could be better supported is the subject of the Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure’s first inquiry.

Is 20 plenty?

Most ideas for laws (Bills) are introduced to the Assembly by Ministers in the Executive but sometimes individual MLAs feel strongly enough about a particular issue to propose a Bill.

MLA, Conall McDevitt, is campaigning to reduce the speed limit on residential and urban roads from 30mph to 20mph and is planning to introduce a Private Member’s Bill to the Assembly. If the Bill is passed then many streets will have their speed limits reduced to 20mph. 

Latest On School Council Enquiry

Pupils’ views on School Councils are presented to the Education Committee.

Key Stage 2 Teachers' Conference, Friday 15th June 2012

The Northern Ireland Assembly is hosting a Key Stage 2 Teachers' Conference in Parliament Buildings on Friday 15th June 2012. This is a FREE teacher training opportunity for Key Stage 2 teachers of Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.

This training is open to any teacher who would like to broaden their general knowledge about the work of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the UK Parliament.

Fracking in Fermanagh

Sources of natural gas have been found deep beneath the ground in Fermanagh. Fracking is a process used to extract gas so that it can be used as a supply of energy. Permission to extract the gas by fracking has yet to be granted - so what’s the debate?

New videos on the work of an MLA

MLAs tell you about their working week in these new videos.




Pudsey Bear Launches Family Fun Day at Parliament Buildings

Parliament Buildings was the venue today for the arrival of Pudsey Bear who launched the popular Family Fun Day which will this year take place on Bank Holiday Monday (4 June 2012).

Now entering its fifth year, the all-day event organised by the Department of Finance and Personnel promises to be a fun packed day of games, amusements and entertainment for the entire family.

Parliament Buildings to host the Mock Council of the European Union

This prestigious event is being organised by the British Council and the European Commission Office in Northern Ireland and will take place in Parliament Buildings on Friday 19 October 2012.


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