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How do you feel about School Councils?

What age do you think you should be able to vote?

How do you communicate?

NI Assembly Christmas Card Verse Competition

Calling all Year 8, 9 & 10 pupils!

The Northern Ireland Assembly is holding a competition for a short (no more than 70 words) verse to go inside the 2014 NI Assembly Christmas Card.

If you'd like to enter, speak to your school's Head of English as they have been sent full details of the competition.

All entries must be received before Friday 24th October 2014.

Do Democracy during Parliament Week 2014

Parliament Week is an annual programme of events and activities that connect people with parliamentary democracy in the UK. Parliament Week is coordinated by the House of Commons with support from the House of Lords.

This year, Parliament Week will take place from 14 – 20 November and a social media campaign called Do Democracy will encourage 16-24 year olds to make their voices heard in Parliament and other democratic institutions across the UK.

Inquiry launched into Shared & Integrated Education

Teacher Training Events 2014-15

We've secured dates for the 2014/15 series of teacher training seminars, which are an opportunity to visit the building, network with other teachers, and learn about what the NI Assembly and other partner organisations can offer you and your class. These seminars are free of charge.

The dates for 2014-15 are :

A level - Monday 10th November 2014

Key Stage 3&4 - Friday 5th December 2014

Key Stage 2 - Friday 12th June 2015

New rules for learner drivers - have your say!

The Environment Committee wants to hear your views on the Road Traffic Bill - which, if passed, will change the way young people learn to drive.  The Bill was introduced to the Assembly on 12 May 2014 by the Minister for the Environment and following a debate in the Chamber on 27 May, the Assembly voted to consider the Bill further. It is now the job of the Environment Committee to examine the Bill in detail, to consult experts and the public, and to suggest any changes or ‘amendments’ to the law that the Committee thinks would improve it.

New videos for post-16 students

The Northern Ireland Assembly Education Service has just released a series of videos on the work of the Assembly. These five short videos consider the topics of legislation, committees, elections, the relationship between the Assembly and the Executive, and the question, ‘Is Devolution working’?, and present the views of Professor Rick Wilford from Queen’s University Belfast, and Dr Cathy Gormley-Heenan from Ulster University.

The videos are intended for the post-16 audience and may be of particular use to A/AS-Level Politics students.

From Comic to eBooks

How would you like to read the NI School Assembly & Martians Guide to NIA on your mobile devices?

Digital learning resources NI School Assembly & Martians Guide to NIA have joined Apple iTunes and Google Play stores for download.

To download the eBooks from the stores click on the links:


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