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Guide to the Assembly Book

New iBook for Post 16 students

Our new iBook, Guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly, is aimed primarily at students of the CCEA AS Government and Politics module on Northern Ireland, but is also good introduction for a general post-16 audience.

The iBook covers:

  • the history of the Northern Ireland Assembly, with interactive timeline;
  • the work of the Assembly – its legislative, Executive scrutiny and representative roles, and the importance of Assembly Committees within the system; and
  • a virtual look inside Parliament Buildings.

The book contains videos and graphics to bring the text alive and a glossary of terms.

Alternative formats

A PDF version, with links to interactive features on the Education Service website, is available to download here.

An ebook version will also be available soon.


The Assembly’s Education Service is already working on a Version 2 of the iBook and would like to hear your views on this version.

Please send any comments to education.service@niassembly.gov.uk

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