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Pupils question MLAs in a live Webcast from Parliament Buildings

"Schools Questions"

The Northern Ireland Assembly Education Service, in conjunction with BBC Northern Ireland, is hosting a panel discussion which will be broadcast live at 2pm on Friday 31st May 2013 from the Senate Chamber at Parliament Buildings. Why not tune in and be part of the 'virtual audience'?

Year 11 pupils from 5 local schools will put their questions to MLAs on the core issues which affect them e.g. health, employment & education. The format will be similar to that of the BBC programme ‘Question Time’ i.e. featuring a BBC presenter, a panel of MLAs and an invited schools audience with pre-prepared questions.

If you would like to ‘tune-in’ on the day, the live webcast will last 60 minutes (2.00pm -3.00pm) and will be streamed on the BBC’s Democracy Live and School Report websites:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/democracylive/                 http://www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport/

For further Information, please contact the Education Service