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NEW Resource Bank for GCSE Government and Politics

Are you teaching CCEA GCSE Government and Politics?

The Northern Ireland Assembly Education Service has developed a resource bank to support the teaching of the new CCEA GCSE Government and Politics qualification. The resource bank contains links to over 50 existing resources from the Northern Ireland Assembly Education Service and the UK Parliament.

It can be accessed in the teachers' section of the Education Service website. 

Resources are divided into four sections:

  • Decision making
  • Voting and Elections
  • Political Parties
  • Taking Action

Support materials for Unit 1: Democracy in Action, include videos, animations, PDFs and interactive games. The Education Service is keen to support teachers delivering this new qualification. New support material will be added including relevant resources for Unit 2: International Politics in Action.

Teachers may also wish to book an education programme for their GCSE Government and Politics class. To book, please contact us via email education.service@niassembly.gov.uk or phone 02890 521833/521896.